Learning About Doctors and Nurses

Doctors and nurses are most of the time partners. However, they differ in specialization and role for taking care of patients. Even so, both require skills and knowledge as they treat lives of patients. It is not much to say that the lives of people are on their hands.

Doctors are medical professionals who underwent studies on nursing or any pre-medical courses and got specialization on different medical careers. Famous medical specialization includes surgeons, dentists, physicians, cardiologists, dermatologist and the like. Allergists are doctors treating different kinds of allergies like hay fever and asthma. Andrologists are the ones diagnosing disorders related to the male reproductive system. Anesthesiologists study anesthetic medicine. Anesthesiologists are obliged in pre-operative duties. Audolists are involved in ear problems.

Cardiologists specialize in heart ailments. Dentists are concerned with dental problems. Dermatologists treat skin illnesses. Endocrinologists diagnose disorders of the endocrine system. ENT specialists treat the ear, nose and throat of patients. Epidemiologists aim to prevent diseases through vaccinations. Gastroenterologists diagnose diseases of digestive system. Gynecologists involved in curing diseases of the female reproductive system. Hematologists treat blood diseases. Hepatologists are for diseases of liver. Immunologists are for immune system.

Medical geneticists diagnose patients with genetic problems. Neonatologists are concerned on premature and critically ill newborn babies. Nephrologists are the ones treating kidney diseases. Neurologists treat brain health. Obstetricians are experts in child birth, ovarian tumors and pelvic region. Oncologists are treating cancer patients. Ophthalmologists are experts on eyecare and different eye surgeries. Pediatricians are doctors for children. Podiatrists attend feet and ankle disorders. Psychiatrists are concerned for person’s mental health. Pulmonologists treat lung problems. Urologists are for urinary tract infections.

Most medical fields are comprised of nurses, too. The role of nurses is very important though they are not specialized like doctors. Registered nurses are nurses who assist doctors in surgeries and explain procedures and document health histories. Licensed practical nurses are limited to administering meds and monitoring vital signs. Healthcare home nurses provide services at home. Lastly, school nurses are nurses working in school environments.

Nurses should have good communication skills. They must be attentive and should support patients emotionally, physically and morally. They are demanded with tight schedule and deal with different kinds of patients so they are really commendable on their roles.