The Outcry of Patients in the Agony of Pain

We cannot just believe if we did not see. In the same way, we could not feel it however we try unless we ourselves experience the same feeling. Numerous patients are in the agony of pain. Who could dare to look at them? If only we can share with the pain to lessen their burden. The extreme pains are pictured on their pitiful faces. Their eyes are expressive wanting to ask for support and delivering their last good byes as if it is the last moments of their lives.

Have ever imagined the feeling of cutting your bones? Or, how about peeling off your skin? Or, tangling your veins one after another? Most probably, these are the pains patients feel. We cannot fathom the depth of their endurance during the operation. There is gnashing of teeth, strong reaction of the body and distortion of their faces in every pain. They will not care of anything than just to be relieved from the pain. Actually, they need a thing to hold on.

So if you happen to offer your hand for them to hold on, their clasps are very firm and strong. You can feel their full strength yearning help and crying out for relief. Such people are truly pitiful. They deserve compassion and love. They seek for sincere care and service. Such treatment comforts them. At this moment of time, do not hesitate to give your outmost service. Patients need your motivation and inspiration. They eagerly long to live longer!